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Animal Zone UK

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Rescue service

Animal Zone UK provide a rescue service for any unwanted exotic pet.

Many of the animals we keep are in fact rescues, some were mistreated, some came to us because their owners could no longer cater for their needs.

At Animal Zone UK we also run an adoption service, where rescued animals are relocated to knowledgeable homes.

Recent Rescues


Speedy is a Desert Iguana and came to Animal Zone from the PDSA. He was in a terrible state and due to be put to sleep, he was suffering from chronic MBD and could hardly move.

Speedy had been looked after incorrectly by his previous owners. He had been kept in crampt conditions with only a small light bulb as a heat source. He was provided with no UVB light and therefore contracted MBD though lack of vitamin D3.

He was also given an incorrect diet.

Desert Iguanas require a herbivorous diet and as well as full spectrum UVB they need lots of heat and weekly dietary supplements.

Speedy has been with us nearly a year now and has come on leaps and bounds , he will never be 100% and so has a permenant home here at Animal Zone UK.


Oscar is a Bosc Monitor, and came to us from a very loving home. He was very well looked after but his owners realised that they could not cater for him in the future due to the size these Monitors can grow.

Bosc Monitors do not make very good pets, they can be a very aggressive species and will grow quite large.

They are a carnivorous Lizard and require a specialist diet.

Bosc monitors can suffer from obesity in captivity which is a common sight in many rescues. Monitors are very active lizards and require lots of exercise and stimulation.

Oscar has a permenant home here at Animal Zone UK and often accompanies us to the Shows and Parties we do.


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